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The MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain is a stylish evolution of self defense tools
that have been used successfully throughout history for protection,
and can easily empower you to fight off an attacker and escape safely.

The name MUNIO (moon-yo) comes from a Latin word meaning "I protect" or "I defend"...
and that's exactly what it can do for you and your loved ones!

MUNIO smartly integrates safety and style,
transforming a fashionable and innocent looking keychain
into an effective and versatile self defense tool.

  Created by an artist and self-defense expert

•  Recommended by law enforcement and self defense professionals

•  Easy to use and effective – Legal, non-lethal self defense solution

•  Two defensive options:  You can strike with the point and/or whip
   with your keys

Sharp enough to hurt an attacker... yet won't tear the lining of
   your pockets or purse

•  More versatile than other products against a variety of common
   "street" attacks... even those from behind

•  Compact and lightweight – Made of a virtually unbreakable
    impact resistant ABS plastic

•  Convenient and ready to use immediately

•  Travel friendly fashion accessory – can be taken on an airplane

•  Sleek, thin ergonomic body fits comfortably in your hand

•  No risk of personal injury like pepper spray or stun guns

•  Safer around small children

•  Decorated on both sides with UV printed, scratch and wear
   resistant artwork

•  Added benefit for women... Makes it easier to find your keys
   in your purse

•  A collection of 16 stunning designs to choose from...
   find the one for you

•  Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

•  Recommended by the NRA's Refuse to Be A Victim Program


Recommended by the NRA's Refuse to Be A Victim Program

Our mission is to create safer lives and safer communities 

Unfortunate statistics reveal the need for this mission. In the U.S. alone:

- Every 35 seconds, someone is the victim of a violent assault
- One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime
- College age women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted
It is tragic that so many innocent lives are harmed, or even lost

MUNIO was born of the firm conviction that we all can stand up for ourselves and fight back against a criminal attack.
MUNIO Self Defense is actively partnering with other leaders and organizations worldwide that align with our mission to create safer lives and
safer communities.

The Story of MUNIO

The story of MUNIO began with a belief... the belief that everyone should have the ability, and the confidence, to fight back against an attacker. As a martial arts/self defense teacher, I work with victims of rape and other criminal violence. Sadly, those people came to me for help after they have already been victimized... making it far too late.

I was so disgusted with innocent people being harmed that I felt compelled to create something that would overcome the concerns that prevent more people from carrying a self defense tool for protection. And I discovered there was a long list of issues: legality, bulkiness, attractiveness, risk of personal injury, ease of use, practical effectiveness, etc.
I created the solution by combining my professional skills as both a martial artist and a graphic designer. I combined the simplicity and versatility necessary in an effective self defense product with the appeal of "designer style" – and created the MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain.  

Hopefully, you will simply carry this beautiful keychain as a favorite fashion accessory, and never have to
  use it for your safety. But its great to know that you are now empowered to protect yourself if you
 ever need to.



Phil Ventrello is a passionate advocate of self defense.
He is a Master Instructor (5th degree black belt) and teaches
Chon-Tu Kwan (Combat) Hapkido in Erie, PA at Foundation Martial Arts.

He is a member of the American Women's Self Defense Association.
He was also inducted into the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame for his contribution to public safety.

Phil earned his design and graphic arts degree from Edinboro University.
He owns and operates SANCTUS, an art studio which specializes in custom digital artwork for specialty products. He is a member of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Artists Association.

My Dedication

I dedicate MUNIO to the memory of my brother Mike. He lost his life after a horrible fight, yet Mike still strengthens my future and my vision each day. I pray that MUNIO's contribution to public safety will honor him. The development of MUNIO has been a long and challenging journey. I owe my deepest thanks to my parents, my family and Michele for their considerable support.