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It's incredibly lightweight and I feel safer carrying this than pepper spray

or a sound grenade (we have a toddler and it makes me nervous at the thought of carrying those things with him next to me.

I like it. It's not THAT obvious it's a self defense tool, and the colors and patterns make it quite stylish.The three rings make MUNIO easier to take out of my pants pocket quickly if needed (which I hope never happens)

As the youngest in my family with 3 older brothers I've been given SO MANY tools over the years and I've never found anything as effective and easy to use as your product.

It is a great safety item for our teens. It is made of solid, heavy gauge plastic, and is strong enough to disable any intruder.

I like the size of it, and it fits comfortably in my hand.

I also like that it is legal in the U.S. and that I received it quickly.

It’s not only pretty, but functional. I feel better having it.

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Custom Branding

Promote your company or cause and your care for personal safety.
What an awesome and truly functional marketing item!

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