MUNIO Simple Self Defense Moves – Video 6

Bear Hug from the front – under your arms

DISCLAIMER: While these videos can be helpful in keeping you safer, they are certainly not a substitute for the disciplined physical practice required to be competent with typical martial arts/self defense training. Please understand that, despite the relative simplicity of what is presented in this video series, the actual act of protecting yourself can be challenging. There are always variables that will affect the outcome of a self defense situation, and so the information in these videos is not a guarantee of personal safety. In fact, no self defense style, technique or product is guaranteed to always work and/or save you from harm.

IMPORTANT: The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain (MUNIO) can be used as a tool for self defense. MUNIO does not guarantee personal safety. The user accepts the suitability of this product for self defense and assumes all risk and liability. MUNIO’s inventor, staff, representatives, certified instructors, manufacturers, distributors, importers, exporters and retailers can not
be held responsible or liable for any injuries or damages resulting from the correct use or improper misuse of MUNIO.

The user/viewer accepts the suitability of these videos and MUNIO for self defense and assumes all risk and liability.