MUNIO Self Defense Keychain vs. Pepper Spray

MUNIO Self Defense Keychain vs. Pepper Spray

Critical Features Comparison Chart

PRODUCT Stylish attractive appeal Effective against attacks from behind Accidental personal risk Legal in all U.S. states Can carry onto an airplane Can carry openly without public concern Lethal Effectiveness subject to rain, wind and temperature Effectiveness subject to shelf life or long time storage Effectiveness subject to mechanical failure Effective Range
MUNIO Self Defense Keychain YES YES NO YES YES YES NO NO NO NO Close to Mid
Pepper Spray Limited NO YES NO NO NO NO YES YES YES Close to Long

Pepper spray is probably the most popular self-defense product in the world. Is that status really justified or is it just a giant misunderstanding? Consider some facts and then you can decide.

The use of hot pepper as a defense tool dates back to ancient China. The concept has evolved to today’s many personal-sized pepper spray products, largely due to its widespread use by law enforcement. Unfortunately, the mystique of pepper spray tends to make people believe they can magically spray away an attacker like some annoying bug. Yep, just whip that pepper spray out from your purse and blast that incoming rapist from far away, dropping him instantaneously before he can even lay a hand on you. Sounds great, but is it realistic?

Because police officers use pepper spray on criminals all the time, there is a belief that it could work for just anyone. Well, maybe, but there is a difference.

How Law Enforcement Uses Pepper Spray

Law enforcement officers regularly carry pepper spray, as well as additional lethal and non-lethal tools (guns, batons, tasers). They have extensive training using all the tools at their disposal, and which to deploy given the circumstance. They also have a street tested, way more bad-ass approach to confronting danger than your average Joe... or Julie. It seems that the original purpose of pepper spray in law enforcement was primarily to be used as a non-lethal asset for crowd control. In other words, used by a whole bunch of police wielding some really high capacity canisters of pepper spray. And it works. To this day, it still disrupts unruly crowds and protesters pretty darn well.

Well then, will your pepper spray unit work one-on-one against that could-be rapist? Sure, it can. But it’s important to be realistic about your expectations of pepper spray, and consider the following.

Things to Consider Before Buying Pepper Spray

  1. Chances are, you will be alone when attacked. Will you have your pepper spray in-hand and ready to use? Do you know how to use it properly? Have you ever test sprayed it before? Perhaps your unit is expired ... or will not work at all. Maybe the unit you have is not strong enough. It should be a minimum of 2 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

    It’s not uncommon to carry your keys with you as you’re walking to your car or walking alone. That is why the MUNIO self defense keychain would be a more practical alternative to the standard canister of pepper spray. You also never have to worry about your keychain expiring or not having the minimum SHU!

  2. If it's windy or rainy, pepper spray could accidentally blow some back onto you and into your eyes. This is also something to consider for any-time use. Note that some pepper spray gels have minimized this issue.

    With MUNIO, there is no fear of accidental injury when protecting yourself, no matter the weather.

  3. Sometimes pepper spray has no effect on attackers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even worse, those toughened criminals who simply have developed a tolerance or pain resistance to pepper spray would not be affected. In all fairness, this factor can be an issue for virtually every self-defense product.

  4. Pepper spray likes to boast of its long-range capability and intensive stopping power. Is that really realistic? It’s hard to anticipate whether or not someone from far away could potentially be an attacker. If this is the case and you are sure this person is indeed an attacker, it is unlikely that you would be able to get your pepper spray out, spray him accurately in the face and eyes, and stop him in his tracks before he has reached you to inflict harm. Relying on easily stopping an attacker from far away is a problem, especially since most assaults actually start within the close to mid-range of our comfortable personal space bubble. POP!

  5. Criminals won't make it easy for you. Is pepper spray versatile enough to work against a variety of potential attacks? In the event that you are surprised and grabbed from an angle or direction rather than the front, for instance, grabbed tightly from behind over your arms (a common predatory attack), can you use your pepper spray effectively in a close-range struggle with an attacker and incapacitate them, and not you?

    MUNIO is a versatile tool that can be used in virtually any type of attack. This makes it a very effective self defense tool that you can use whether you are being attacked from the front or from behind you. Learn more about how you can protect yourself with MUNIO against a variety of potential attacks.


Choose MUNIO for Self Defense

Presenting these considerations is certainly not an attempt to discredit pepper spray, but rather, help you to evaluate what the best self-defense solution is for you. In fact, the process of thoroughly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of other self-defense tools was critical to the development of the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain.