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MUNIO Self Defense Workshop

Click on the video below and watch some scenes from our dynamic and popular workshop!

A MUNIO Self Defense Workshop is a great way to learn to be prepared to
fight back against an attacker and get away safely!

COST:  $25.00 / person  (includes the MUNIO design of your choice)

Our 1-hour workshop is a safe, fun and exciting experience that combines self-defense education and hands on practice using MUNIO in simulated common street attacks. MUNIO Self Defense Workshops are simple and unique, and won’t overwhelm you with technical and physical complexity you may not remember. Building on your natural ability to use MUNIO, you will practice easy methods that can rapidly disable an attacker and give yourself the opportunity to escape.

" I’m leaving this class feeling very comfortable in how to use MUNIO, and I feel much safer. I plan on carrying this everywhere! "

Chrissy A.

" Great workshop!
I really liked seeing
how effective MUNIO
is no matter how
are attacked. "

Emily W.

" Very informative
and presented in a fun, memorable way. I hope I never need to use MUNIO, but I now feel safer. "

Connie B.

" The demonstrations
of how to defend myself with MUNIO were so easy to grasp! I feel more
empowered now! "

Carol L.

Have a MUNIO Self Defense Workshop for your SCHOOL

Self Defense Workshop | MUNIO
Self Defense Workshop | MUNIO
Workshop at Gannon University

Have a MUNIO Self Defense Workshop for your BUSINESS

Self Defense Workshop | MUNIO
Workshop at UPMC Hamot

Become a
Certified MUNIO Instructor

We are committed to empowering personal safety through self defense education and training. Our growing team of Certified
MUNIO Instructors, composed of martial arts, law enforcement and military professionals,
is actively helping us achieve this around
the world.

Self Defense Workshop | MUNIO
Workshop at Warrior Defense Martial Arts
Certified MUNIO Instructor on Africa mission
Certified MUNIO Instructor on Africa mission