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MUNIO offers great opportunities for your martial arts school

In comparison to other force multipliers your students are familiar with, MUNIO is discreet, stylish and versatile.

The average person (particularly women who are most statistically in need of protection) is often reluctant to carry something for self defense that looks dangerous, or could wind up hurting themselves, or their kids. MUNIO overcomes those obstacles.

Additionally,  MUNIO's unique aesthetic appeal encourages more people to actually carry it in the event they need protection.

Sell MUNIO as a unique and attractive addition to your school’s Pro Shop

"Slicker looking than a painting by Dali, tougher than Chuck Norris’ chin,
and the latest and greatest when it comes to fun and neat Self Defense."

–  Al Case
Founder - Monster Martial Arts

Add MUNIO to your existing specialty self-defense programs

You can incorporate MUNIO into your curriculum, include it with the price of your specialty classes, or just offer MUNIO for sale afterwards.  MUNIO can add revenue to your school, and it's unique appearance makes a conversation piece that others will talk about - including where they got it from!

"One of the simplest yet effective self defense devices available.
I endorse MUNIO to all my self defense classes.

–  Steve Smith
Former Counter Intelligence Operative
Retired Law Enforcement Officer
Self Defense Instructor

Become a certified MUNIO instructor and offer our popular MUNIO Self Defense Workshop™

Our dynamic one-hour MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are a great option for those who don’t want to, or can’t make the lengthy commitment to traditional martial arts.  MUNIO is not a substitute… but it is an effective self-defense tool that gives them a safety advantage they otherwise
may not have.

Additionally, MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are a great bridge that can help acquire new students. The workshops alone can get new people into your dojo who may be interested in further self defense, or who have kids who would be interested in doing so.

"MUNIO is an amazing marketing tool and has helped bring people into my dojo who otherwise wouldn't have come in."

–  Rocky Whatule
Founder - Zanshin Shotokan Karate
Former World Champion


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