MUNIO Self Defense Videos

The MUNIO Self Defense Keychain in Action Against Simulated Attacks


How to Use the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain

Why you hold MUNIO this way...not that way

Defense against a Choke from the Front

Defense against a Choke from Behind

Defense against a Front Bear Hug

Defense against a Wrist Grab


MUNIO and Pepper Spray

MUNIO and Monkey Fist

MUNIO and the Kubotan


MUNIO Impact and Strength Testing

REVIEW: Damage Potential by Urmaker

Is MUNIO sharp enough to hurt an attacker?

REVIEW: by Gabriella Corvina

GunStuff TV: Interview

MUNIO Tiger King parody

The Survival Mindset

According to national research, forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy to prevent rape. In fact, a woman who fights back aggressively gains an 86% chance of avoiding the rape and incurs little chance of additional injury!

If you have any hesitation about fighting back, consider that the outcome of a violent attack is going to go one way or the other... The attacker is going to get his way with YOU, or YOU are going to stop them and get away safely.

An attacker is typically looking for an "easy target" and not expecting any real opposition from you... but they are still very dangerous. You only have a few moments to prevent an attacker from overwhelming you. React quickly so you can get away unharmed. Make your stand then and there rather than becoming another horrible statistic in the news. Fight back as if your life depends on it... because it just might!