MUNIO Instructor Certification authorizes you to teach our branded MUNIO Self Defense Workshop as stand-alone self defense classes, and ensures that all MUNIO Self Defense Workshops are consistent.


Our dynamic one-hour MUNIO Self Defense Workshops are a great option for those who don’t want to or can’t make the lengthy commitment to traditional martial arts. MUNIO is not a substitute… but it is an effective self-defense tool that gives them a safety advantage they otherwise may not have.

Rave Reviews From the Pros

"We get participants from 13 years of age to 70+, and they’ve all commented on how much they like the course because of its brevity and content. The workshop outline is spot on and really helps deliver the class in a consistent and professional manner."

Gary Glemboski

Director: Global Tactical Training Group
•  9th Degree black belt
•  U.S. military veteran
•  SWAT officer with 43 years of Law Enforcement experience
•  Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist
•  Certified MUNIO Workshop Instructor


1)  Instructor Manual and Official Certification

2) The Complete Collection of MUNIO Keychains (a selection of stock designs - 96 total)

3)  20 “safe” training MUNIOs that participants will use at workshops just for practice

4)  1 spinning display carousel for the MUNIOs with a promotional header card

5)  Promotional and administrative materials to download for streamlining your marketing and logistical efforts. (See details below)

6) Our AsSeenOnTV commercial video and MUNIO Damage Potential Video to download for promotional purposes

7) Promotional seasonal images for social media posting

8)  FREE Shipping

Promotional booklets for businesses and schools

The Employee and Student Workshop Booklets provide the information needed to give to an administrator who is interested in you teaching a MUNIO Self Defense Workshop.

This also includes a customizable contact page that we create for you that includes your credentials and contact information.

Promotional flyer

Also included in your promotional materials is an editable* MUNIO Self Defense Workshop Flyer. You can customize the flyer to include your own photos, logo, contact information and times, dates and location of your event.

In addition, you also get MUNIO Workshop Registration Sheets and an editable* MUNIO Workshop Liability Waiver so you can include the name of your business, etc.

* Editable documents are available in Microsoft Word format


MUNIO Instructor Certification is limited to the following qualified individuals, and verification is required:

CATEGORY 1     A Black Belt (or its equivalent) in any style martial art

CATEGORY 2     Those having self defense training from a law enforcement, military, safety and security or related background

CATEGORY 3     Candidates with related skills. Eligibility for this category requires special approval

Become a Certified MUNIO Instructor

Contact us to get more information about becoming a Certified MUNIO Instructor