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Become a Certified MUNIO Instructor and offer our popular

MUNIO Self Defense Workshop

MUNIO Instructor Certification authorizes you to teach our branded MUNIO Self Defense Workshop™ as stand alone self defense classes, and ensures that all MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are consistent.

MUNIO Instructor Certification is limited to the following qualified individuals, and verification is required:
1)  a Black Belt (or its equivalent) in any style martial art
2)  those having self defense training from a law enforcement, military, safety and security or related background
3)  candidates with related skills are potentially eligible, but require special approval.

Our dynamic one-hour MUNIO Self Defense Workshops™ are a great option for those who don’t want to, or can’t make the lengthy commitment to traditional martial arts.  MUNIO is not a substitute… but it is an effective self-defense tool that gives them a safety advantage they otherwise may not have.

Each workshop participant receives the MUNIO design of their choice as part of the $25.00/person recommended workshop cost. Workshops can be conducted with, or without, an assistant. Based on our experience, presenting the workshop with an assistant can maximize the efficient flow, structure and timing of the workshop and eliminate the need to ask for (potentially reluctant) volunteers during the hands-on attack simulations. However, it’s your preference. If you choose to use an assistant, it is your responsibility to educate/train them.

Keep in mind that the Certified Instructor is the acting workshop authority and should answer all self defense related questions that can arise during a workshop.


SAMPLE Certified Instructor Certificate

1)  Instructor Manual and Official Certification
2)  96 decorated MUNIOs (6 each of 16 different MUNIO designs)
3)  20 “safe” training MUNIOs that participants will use at workshops just for practice (enough for 20 pairs of trainees)
4)  1 spinning display for the MUNIOs with a header card
5)  Digital promotional documents with editable area for your contact information
6)  FREE Shipping

"Safe" training MUNIOs with soft vinyl keys


Spinning Display


Certified Instructor Manual


Promotional Workshop Flyer

Personalize with your own photos – including space for
your own When, Where and Contact information


MUNIO Self Defense Workshop – Corporate Info Pack


MUNIO Self Defense Workshop – Higher Ed Info Pack

Become A Certified MUNIO Instructor

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