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Zebra Self Defense Keychain by MUNIO

$9.95 $11.95 saving $2.00
Zebra Self Defense Keychain by MUNIO

Zebra Self Defense Keychain by MUNIO

$9.95 $11.95 saving $2.00

MUNIO designer keychains are a unique combination of style and safety with cool designs for both women and men.

"Zebra" Artwork Description: 
Is dramatic black and white your style? Or do you just love animal patterns like so many others do? This simply stunning and classic natural artwork is an awesome and dynamic accent, and a very trendy and popular design.

•  Recommended by law enforcement and self defense professionals
•  Legal in all U.S. states
•  Created by an artist and self-defense expert
•  Travel friendly fashion accessory – can be taken on an airplane
•  Compact and lightweight – Made of a virtually unbreakable impact
    resistant ABS plastic
•  Sleek, thin ergonomic body fits comfortably in your hand
•  Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty
•  Easy to use, effective, non-lethal self defense solution
•  Convenient and ready to use immediately
•  Two defensive options: You can strike with the point and/or whip
    with your keys
•  More versatile than other products against a variety of common
   "street" attacks... even those from behind
•  Sharp enough to hurt an attacker... yet won't tear the lining of your
    pockets or purse
•  No risk of personal injury like pepper spray or stun guns
•  Safer around small children
•  Decorated on both sides with UV printed, scratch and
    wear resistant artwork
•  Makes it easier to find your keys in your purse
•  A collection of 16 stunning designs to choose from

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