When it Comes to Personal Safety... USE YOUR HEAD!

March 02, 2017

When it Comes to Personal Safety... USE YOUR HEAD!

Here’s another simple self defense option that can help you fight off an attacker and escape to safety. Its not fancy and not hard to do... but potentially very effective!

To help you visualize, let me set up this scenario. Someone has suddenly jumped out in front of you and roughly grabbed you, snarling in your face. In the next couple of seconds, you just might be tossed onto the ground and beaten... for starters, or picked up and thrown into a car and abducted, once again... for starters. Its not time to think, its time to act!

Use your head! Smash them with a Head Butt! Here’s how to do it.

Quickly drop your chin down and aggressively thrust THE TOP of your head forward slamming into their face as hard as you possibly can. When this move is really done with intensity, it's gonna hurt them. Don't just lower your head into their face and just ”click’” it. That’s not enough. You will cause more damage by forcefully slamming your head into their face.

By the way, if you happen to be grabbed tightly from behind, you can still use a head butt, just slam your head backwards into their face!

The result of the impact is quite a distraction to the fun they were thinking about, and you get bonus points if you manage to break their nose. That tight grip should loosen, maybe completely. Hopefully they will stagger back grabbing at their poor lil’ bloody nose.

If necessary you can do it again, or do something else. Whatever happens, make your self defense response simple, fast and aggressive! Keep fighting until the moment your counter-attack gives you the opportunity to disengage.... then RUN to safety!

Now you might have seen someone do a head butt in the movies with their forehead, but that’s not really wise. It may hurt more, may affect your vision, and can could leave you with an impact scar on your pretty face. Use the density and padding of the top of your head for the strike.

Remember though, because there are so many variables, self defense is an imperfect science. So, if you counter-attack and don’t get the result you were expecting... keep attacking! Resort to the quickest, easiest, nastiest tactic you know of. Fighting off and breaking free of a criminal, often times someone bigger, stronger, and meaner, is like chopping down a tree. It may not be that single chop that makes it fall, so keep chopping. Make your body become a high power, ultra-high speed chainsaw... and TIMBER!

My advice is extracted from more intensive, traditional martial arts, and simplified to help anyone who has no self defense training. I encourage everyone to take at least basic self defense classes, or carry a self defense product. The more prepared you are, the safer you will be.


Phil Ventrello is the Founder of MUNIO Self Defense and the inventor of the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain. He is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of the Combat Hapkido self defense program at Foundation Martial Arts in Erie, PA. Phil is a lifetime member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation, a member of the American Women's Self Defense Association, and has been inducted into Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honor for his outstanding dedication in the martial arts.

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