WARNING! Self Defense is not seasonal.

November 21, 2016

WARNING! Self Defense is not seasonal.




My business is self defense. Literally. I teach martial arts and operate a business revolving around personal safety and MUNIO, the self defense tool I created.

Sure enough, like most businesses, Christmas brings a boom in sales.
That rush of holiday orders is really good for me as a business owner, but as a self defense advocate, it also brings with it a troubling thought.

Think about this. Why in that frenzy of Christmas gift buying did such an avalanche of people suddenly become so concerned about personal safety?

Is it simply that MUNIO is a great self defense product? Absolutely! Is it our great advertising/marketing? Surely! Is it the fact that MUNIO fits really well into that “stocking-stuffer“ price point? Certainly!

Sure, that kinda sounds like a commercial, but here’s the point, and, I hope, a powerful reminder: Self defense is NOT seasonal. Instead, concern for your own safety, or that of your loved ones, should be constant, and you should always have the ability and mindset to actively protect yourself.

Please, please, please never take it for granted. Pride yourself on being alert and aware, on a daily basis – all year – forever! Trust me, its not about increasing my sales, its about increasing the chances of your survival.

Sadly, I am reminded of a rape victim’s few simple words of warning:
Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Yes, it can happen to you...

My students and I train week after week, year after year. Why? Because you just never know when you might be confronted by criminal violence. I am certainly not paranoid about it, but rather, will not ignore that possibility... and we have chosen to be ready.

Do something! If it is nothing more than daily situational awareness then that's a great start, and hopefully enough. But I urge you to consider taking self defense classes or getting the self defense product you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid, be empowered!



Phil Ventrello is the Founder of MUNIO Self Defense and the inventor of the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain. He is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of the Combat Hapkido self defense program at Foundation Martial Arts in Erie, PA. Phil is a lifetime member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation, a member of the American Women's Self Defense Association, and has been inducted into Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honor for his outstanding dedication in the martial arts.

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