A no-brainer campus safety tip... that's all too often neglected

September 01, 2017

A no-brainer campus safety tip... that's all too often neglected


So there you are at another college party. You are out to have some fun, and most likely there's going to be quite a bit of alcohol around you.

The question is, how will you react to it? Sure, you have every right to party and enjoy yourself, but please do it with care... and responsibility.

Why? Well sadly, you should be aware that there is practically an epidemic of sexual assault occurring on college campuses nationwide. So yah - you are a target in the middle of a jungle of alcohol-induced potential predators.

Can you really protect yourself? Can you even make the proper judgement calls to safeguard your most prized possession - YOU? Probably not if you are drinking or under the influence of other drugs.

The best self defense starts with situational awareness, the alert observation of both what is happening around you, or what you sense is going to happen.It is your personal responsibility to steer clear of potential danger.

It's really a no-brainer. If you get wasted then your common sense is non-existent, and your body just doesn’t work right. Combined together, you lose the ability to talk down a potential sexual predator, or, in a worst case, fight back physically to escape.  

The reality is - excessive drinking can make us stupid, and stupid people do dumb things. Sometimes very bad things. It could be you making a terrible decision – or maybe the drunken frat boy and his buddies. In either case it can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Sure, these cautionary words seem simplistic, yet are so very, very important for your personal safety. I wish you the greatest success and enjoyment at college. Have fun, but please use your common sense.

Stay Safe!

Phil Ventrello is the Founder of MUNIO Self Defense and the inventor of the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain. He is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of the Combat Hapkido self defense program at Foundation Martial Arts in Erie, PA. Phil is a lifetime member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation, a member of the American Women's Self Defense Association, and has been inducted into Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honor for his outstanding dedication in the martial arts.

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