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Is the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain sharp enough to hurt an attacker?

Is the MUNIO Self Defense Keychain sharp enough to hurt an attacker?

MUNIO is a self defense tool in the category of "impact weapons", or "force multipliers".

That simply means that when the tool is used correctly, it will focus and magnify the force of your strike.

Even though, for instance, you can press the point of MUNIO (gently) into your thigh without cutting yourself, the point of MUNIO is quite capable of delivering a tremendous amount of pain and damage. And yet, MUNIO can be easily and openly carried and transported without any risk of personal harm.

Watch the video and I'm sure you'll, well... get the point.



WARNING! Self Defense is not seasonal.

WARNING! Self Defense is not seasonal.
My business is self defense. Literally. I teach martial arts and operate a business revolving around personal safety and MUNIO, the self defense tool I created.

Sure enough, like most businesses, Christmas brings a boom in sales.
That rush of holiday orders is really good for me as a business owner, but as a self defense advocate, it also brings with it a troubling thought.

Think about this. Why in that frenzy of Christmas gift buying did such an avalanche of people suddenly become so concerned about personal safety?

Is it simply that MUNIO is a great self defense product? Absolutely! Is it our great advertising/marketing? Surely! Is it the fact that MUNIO fits really well into that “stocking-stuffer“ price point? Certainly!

Sure, that kinda sounds like a commercial, but here’s the point, and, I hope, a powerful reminder: Self defense is NOT seasonal. Instead, concern for your own safety, or that of your loved ones, should be constant, and you should always have the ability and mindset to actively protect yourself.

Please, please, please never take it for granted. Pride yourself on being alert and aware, on a daily basis – all year – forever! Trust me, its not about increasing my sales, its about increasing the chances of your survival.

Sadly, I am reminded of a rape victim’s few simple words of warning:
Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

Yes, it can happen to you...

My students and I train week after week, year after year. Why? Because you just never know when you might be confronted by criminal violence. I am certainly not paranoid about it, but rather, will not ignore that possibility... and we have chosen to be ready.

Do something! If it is nothing more than daily situational awareness then that's a great start, and hopefully enough. But I urge you to consider taking self defense classes or getting the self defense product you are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid, be empowered!

If he can't see you, he can't hurt you!

If he can't see you, he can't hurt you!

One moment you are walking to your car and the next... you are struggling with an attacker. Here’s a simple option that can help you escape -


We’ve probably all been incapacitated by something that got into our eye, poked it, or even grazed it and left us blinking, and miserable. It’s a natural reaction to grab at our face, cower, and cover our blurry eyes.

In a self defense situation, you can use that reaction to your advantage. Attack those eyes and immediately disable the attacker. Shift the balance in your favor and open your opportunity to escape without harm.

Here’s a few ways you can do it.  Some are obvious, one even rather grotesque, but they do work:


1) Scratching
We all know how to scratch. Go wildcat on the attacker! Many ladies have the “long nails” advantage (think claws) as a bonus. Reach out and share the love! SCRATCH viciously at their face into their eyes.


2) Impact Striking
Hit the eyes with whatever you got - your fist, your palm, your mini-umbrella, whatever you have that can intensify the impact. Hit hard, hit fast.


3) Poking
Yep. Poke ‘em with a finger, a bunch of loose fingers, a stiff jab of your four longest fingers, or the ever popular two finger “3 Stooges” style.


4) Thumb gouge

This is the worst... but really effective. Get your thumb (or thumbs) positioned right on top of their eyes, and press in... hard! This move is really, really bad... for the attacker. If you’ve seen enough action movies you’ll recognize that done over-zealously, it can be lethal.


In all these cases you may get one eye, or both. You might use one or two of your hands. Maybe you actually hurt and damage an eye, perhaps just painfully graze it. Doesn’t really matter... just do it with speed and aggression. Think PAIN! Think DAMAGE! Think “I’m getting the hell out of this situation in the next few seconds...”


Now these eye tactics are rather ugly, but protecting your life against society's monsters isn't pretty... or perfect. Obviously there are legal and moral issues with the use of force. How you react, how forcefully, and how effectively is going to make the difference whether you, or that monster gets to go home happy. My vote is for YOU!

I want you to be the one walking away without any harm when it’s all over. An attacker who has just had his eye(s)  painfully scratched, poked, smacked, etc. – is distracted! He is not focused on the attack, and can’t hurt you... because he can’t see you... so take that opportunity to escape!


OK, so what if you miss the eyes, or don't quite cause enough damage? What if you get grabbed from behind and can't reach the eyes at all?


Well, because there are so many variables, self defense is an imperfect science. So, if the eye trick doesn't work, then resort to the quickest, easiest, nastiest tactic you know of. There are many. Self defense instruction and products are great assets to help you be better prepared to face a threat. The more prepared you are, the safer you will be.